Your website should be the hardest working member of your team, and CMS Hub by HubSpot absolutely delivers on this. With this powerful CMS, you can easily create web pages, manage your content, optimise your site for different devices, personalise content for different visitors and maximise your conversions.
The best part? You don’t need to rely on developers to make changes. CMS Hub makes all aspects of your website available to your team, so you can choose how much you rely on developers. That means you can spend more time and energy on the things that really matter in your business, like servicing and delighting your customers.
Website migrations can be hard, but they don’t have to be! We’ve got pretty advanced skills when it comes to all the technical detail, so you can sit back and let us take care of your migration to CMS Hub. Our approach will be tailored to your exact needs, rather than a generic ‘one size fits all approach’ that you may get elsewhere.



The migrations team will develop a plan and communicate with you the process for moving your website. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact throughout the process for any questions you may have.

Your new website will closely resemble your current website. However, in many migrations there are some elements that can’t be migrated exactly as they are now, like comments on your blog, flash functionality and third-party plugins. But rest assured that our team will work with you to redevelop these elements on your new website. They might even be better than what you currently have!

We can migrate your website with the same exact design, or we can combine the migration to CMS Hub with a website re-design to keep your online presence fresh.
Our team will also ensure that any good SEO credit your current website has is preserved on your new website on CMS Hub.



Once your shiny new website is all up and running, our team will work with you to show you how to use the CMS and optimise and maintain your website into the future. And even if it looks pretty much the same as your old website, there’s a whole new engine underneath the hood that you should check out!

Whether you need group training, or one-on-one sessions, we’ll work with you to help you learn the ropes of CMS Hub. This will enable you and your team to make updates to content, create new pages and even split test your content to make sure it’s hitting the mark with your customers.

There’s plenty of advanced features too, so get in touch and let us walk you through how CMS Hub can power up your website.


Simply book a time for a discussion with our team or press the button below the calendar to send us an enquiry instead.

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