Sometimes a little bit of accountability goes a long way. Modern Visual offers business consulting and business coaching services to help you enchance your business and reach your goals sooner. Our coaches are highly experienced business leaders that simply want to finish off their innings by helping other businesses succeed. We can provide hourly rate, regular consulting or even project based services. Some examples of how we can help are:

  • Processes & Procedures
  • Organisational Structure
  • Hiring & HR
  • Sales Training & Strategy
  • Staff Management
  • Cashflow & Financial Support


If you decide to utilise internal resources for your marketing activities, you need all work to be performed under an overarching strategy. You may also need to ensure that all efforts are measured, meaninful and provide return on investment to your business. Modern Visual is able to assist in a number of ways to ensure your resources are working well for your business from a marketing point of view. We can assist with the following popular services:

  • Website Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Brand & Persona Development
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Data & Reporting Consulting
  • Overall Marketing Consulting


Does your company run as efficiently as it can? Are you taking advantage of technology within your business? Modern Visual can assess your current workflow and see where areas can be improved plus recommend technology and software solutions to implement along the way. Some of the reasons to engage us to enchance your workflow are:

  • Large efficiency gains
  • Central location for information and data
  • Better reporting and analytics
  • Less load on certain departments / CEO
  • Profitability refinment for income streams


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