Your website is likely the first thing a potential customer will see prior to engaging with your business. This is the prime opportunity to not only showcase your products and services but win them over in a credible and trustworthy way. Blow your website visitors away with a premium, thought-provoking and high quality design based on the best version of your brand.



With all the right ingredients, your website can strategically gate your visitors into whatever your goal is you wish for them to achieve. This could be calling your business, filling out an enquiry form or downloading a free document for lead generation. This is enticed with a fast, reliable and premium user experience based design that gives visitors a ‘feeling’ and not just some text and images on a screen.



Without knowing who you are trying to attract, your business will end up with all the ‘tyre kickers’ knocking on your door. We help you navigate the online world of marketing by creating personas of your ideal clients, allowing our specialist designers and developers to create your site for a match made in heaven for those you deem best fit for your business and bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our very basic websites can often be ready for launch in under three weeks. Our UX premium websites typically take eight weeks to complete but often can move quicker and is scheduled for flexibility. A more elaborate build such as an eCommerce website or portal, can take 12 weeks+ to complete. We will provide you with a timeline upon commencement of the project, so you know exactly when your site will be ready, including the milestones to get there.

A website cost can vary depending on how many hours are required to complete it and the outcome you desire. Modern Visual can build a basic website right through to a user experience designed site and even a complex ecommerce site or portal/intranet. We recommend you speak to us about what solution is best for your business or situation.

Most of our websites you can fully edit yourself with a drag and drop editor without any coding knowledge. We also provide training post hand over to ensure your internal team know how to use your website’s back end. Sometimes due to the nature of requirements, more complex websites will require Modern Visual or any other developer to perform changes to your site.

Modern Visual will always take a deposit payment for a project valued over $1000 or if you are a brand new client. Our typical payment schedule is 50% upfront, 30% upon first review and 20% upon completion prior to launch. If you require custom milestone payments, please let us know.

We take a lot of pride in our website builds and have the systems and checklists in place to ensure staff are thorough in their roles. We optimise our clients websites for speed, security and web design best practice including design principles.

Kind of! Modern Visual operates a sister company called Up There Cloud. This company looks after clients for Web Hosting, Domain Names, SSL & G Suite services. We operate in the same building and the two teams collaborate on a daily basis.

We build websites predominantly in HubCMS or Wordpress. We also use other frameworks such as Laravel, Shopify, WooCommerce, Boostrap and more. If you have a preference for your website project, please let us know as we can work with your platform of choice majority of the time.

Modern Visual believes that a professional copywriter should write your website content. This is why we provide this service and recommend it for our clients’ website projects. When it comes to imagery, we recommend a professional photographer performs a photoshoot, but you can also provide your photos, or we can use stock photography. We can facilitate any content requirements you may have.


Let us tailor a FREE plan of action with zero pressure from sales people to proceed.

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